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April's Word of the Month - Release

by Linda Lee Sheldon on 04/01/16

Last month during a Reiki session I realized my words had shifted from "Relax and Let Go" to "Relax and Release."  I found it interesting that "release" felt very different than "let go."  Relax and release has become my new favorite go-to phrase for calming, balancing and stress reduction - all healing energies themselves.  

Release - to set free from restraint, confinement or servitude; to relieve from something that confines, burdens or oppresses; to give up or relinquish.

Here's why "Relax and Release" feels so different to me and ultimately more powerful. When I think of "letting go," my mind goes to my hands opening and releasing whatever it is I'm holding on to.  It's a very generalized exerience. Just my hand and maybe arms are involved. I feel relief in my arms and shoulders but that's it. It's a very external activity.

When I say "release," I feel it in my entire body. Inside and outside. There is a release of tension that starts at the center of my body and moves outward and away. My face and head relax. It feels so good!

We all have a tendency to internalize our feelings and emotions. We hold them inside because that's what human beings do. It's very natural. But we forgot, or were never taught, that there's no lock on our inner being. We can open the door and let those stressful energies out at any time. But we hold on and hold on. Think of how wonderful the fish feels when we release it into the water- it's natural habitat. "Ahhh, I can be my true self now," says the fish. "I'm free." 

There's a sense of freedom that comes with a release. A clearing of internal strife that allows us to connect more fully with our true being. We don't have to identify what we are releasing because the emotional energies are all mixed together. It's not about focusing on what we want to get rid of. It's about just releasing... and our wisdom-self knows what to move out, what to let float away, what to relinquish.

So it's not about trying. It's just about doing. What I do is take a few seconds whenever I think of it to take a deep breath and say to myself "Relax and Release." Say "Relax and" on the inhale and "Release" on the exhale. When you exhale imagine the breath not just coming out of the nose or mouth but imagine the air moving out of the lungs in all directions - like the ripples of water when you drop a stone in a still pond. Somehow for me it brings my shoulders back, my chest opens, I feel my head relax and it brings a smile to my face.

Everyone's different so you may find that "let go" is just as powerful or works in the same way as "release" does for me. The key is to remember to use it. Use what works best for you! The technique is easy and can be done anywhere, any time. Once you start remembering to use it on a regular basis you'll find yourself more calm and peacful throughout the day. Try it at night for a restful sleep!

Share your technique for releasing stress and tension with us! We can all learn and benefit from each other. 

In peace....  Linda

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