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LifeWave Patches

by Linda Lee Sheldon on 05/20/20

LifeWave offers Photo Therapy patches for a variety of needs.

LifeWave Patch Descriptions

AEON – Anti-aging, anti-stress, anti-inflammatory, lowers cortisol, the “Happy Patch”

CARNOSINE – Build muscle, promote wound healing, anti-aging, brain and neurotransmitter balance and support, improve memory

ENERGY – Improve overall health, burn fat, improve athletic performance, increase stamina, post stroke, vertigo, allergies, motion sickness, lung support, sugar level support

GLUTATHIONE – Detoxifies  colon, kidneys, liver & lungs; anti-inflammatory; assists in collagen production; reduce wrinkles; anti-aging; supports immune system; auto-immune disease; arthritis; Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant & can help quench brain inflammation

ICEWAVE – Acute/chronic pain, sciatica, migraine, gout, carpal tunnel, arthritis, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, muscle spasm, frozen shoulder

SILENT NIGHTS – Increases melatonins for deep restful sleep, wake up refreshed & rejuvenated, snoring, balance hormones

SP6 – Appetite & cravings control, balance hormones, hot flashes in women & men

X39 – Activate & increase healthy, youthful stem cells; regenerate the body; support wound healing; rapid pain relief, more energy & better sleep; improved skin appearance; reduction in appearance of scars, anti-aging, faster exercise recovery

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Contact Linda for lowest prices available!

Photo Therapy for Health & Well-being

by Linda Lee Sheldon on 04/28/20

What Is Photo Therapy?

The science of photo therapy, which has been around for about 100 years, uses light to improve the health of the body. And modern forms of photo therapy such as Low Level Laser Therapy, which helps reduce wrinkles in the skin, are very well understood scientifically.

But this idea is nothing new. As far back as two thousand years ago, the ancient Greeks had a center for studying the effects of different colored lights on the body. Even the ancient Egyptians, who promoted health by focusing sunlight through colored glass on certain areas of the body, understood this concept.

LifeWave Photo Therapy Patches

LifeWave began over 15 years ago creating small patches that are used to promote health and well-being. The patches are easy to use and are drug-free.

How LifeWave Photo Therapy Patches Work

Your body emits heat in the form of infrared light. LifeWave patches are designed to trap this infrared light when placed on the body, which causes them to reflect particular wavelengths of light. This process stimulates specific points on the skin that signal the body to produce health benefits unique to each LifeWave patch.

Depending on the patch selected, benefits include immune support, stress reduction, anti-inflammatory, detoxification and activation / increase of your own healthy youthful stem cells.

Learn more

The Human Design System

by Linda Lee Sheldon on 11/08/16

Open-Ended Circle's business is expanding! Over the last two years I've been enrolled in training on a fairly new program called The Human Design System. Each of us has a unique Human Design configuration with a clear Strategy for interacting with others in life and a reliable method for decision-making built in. But until recently, we have not been aware of these factors and have not been operating according to what works best for our Design.

At the end of July I achieved a goal of being able to help you understand and live in accordance with your unique Human Design by becoming certified as a Human Design Professional.  Rather than obtain information through an unreliable source, I choose to become certified through the International Human Design School (IHDS), the official certifying agency for all Human Design Professionals world-wide. 

To understand your own unique nature is the first step towards self-love and fulfillment.  As an IHDS-Certified Professional I can assist in empowering you to live in accordance with your own true nature, and know what is correct or not for you.  So I'm very excited to share this new information with you! 

Look for classes and workshops in the near future on Human Design.  If you are interested in understanding yourself and learn more about living your unique design we'll need your exact time, date and place of birth.  (Not my mother said it was about 7:30 am. I'm talking exact here!)  The Human Design System is based on scientific principles and so precision matters.  A couple minutes can make a big difference.  If you don't know what time you were born you can check your birth certificate or contact the records department of the county in which you were born. 

If you know all your accurate birth information and would like to schedule a personal consultation there are some spaces available later in August. 

Human Design and Changing Times

by Linda Lee Sheldon on 11/07/16

With election day tomorrow I wanted to share information from Human Design's clarion Ra Uru Hu on our changing times. Many thanks to Mary Ann Winiger for sharing this transcription of Ra from a radio broadcast in 2005.

Ra on changing times…


"It's so interesting to watch the way in which the world works. Many years ago, in 1989, in a little suburb out of Frankford, Germany, I wrote the first book in Human Design. It was called The Human Design System. It was subtitled A Manual for No-fault Living. Somehow over the years that subtitle disappeared.   But it was really at the heart and core of the value of understanding this knowledge. It is that in understanding this knowledge, it is not about fault and blame. This is not about the blame game.


When I look out at this phenomenon and see the way it's commented on, see the way it enrages certain people and certain causes and how quick everyone is to jump in and to make accusations of this and that and the other thing. It's astonishing to me. This is a choiceless life, it truly is. Anybody who has followed my Global Cycles teaching over the last 15 years will know that I have predicted the collapse of institutions. It's not me predicting it; it's just simply obvious in the way in which the global mechanisms work. That collapse is a natural thing. That is, we are coming to the edge of the impact of the Cross of Planning on our lives as a global cycle.


We've had hundreds of years of this. Hundreds of years of seeing the development of institutions; and the development of institutions to look after the needs of large expanded communities. Everything about the 40/37 is rooted in this inherent bargain with the community to provide the community for its infrastructure, its needs, support it, police it, all the things that are part of the Cross of Planning. Well, it's collapsing. It's not collapsing because of people. It's not falling apart because people in positions of power today do not know how to use that power or in ineffective in it.


The system is breaking down not because there is something wrong with the system; its time is coming to an end. It just is.


So many of the beings that are involved deeply with institutions worldwide live in an illusion of its perfectibility because that's what we've been dealing with for 400 years. We've been dealing with the process of trying to perfect the institutions. But we're coming to a time where the institutions don't matter. Where there is no global imprint that focuses humanity on this as an underlying structure. We're headed into a cycle where, in fact, "everyone is for themselves" to one degree or another.


The pressure is on for the transformation of the consciousness. It all comes together. It's not like it's all dark and evil and it's going to be bad. But, the thing that's important for everyone to take in at this point in dealing with what will be the continuing collapse of institutions to be able to perfect their process; to truly be able to serve humanity is that you have to see that it's not about turning your face towards a not-self collective, it's about turning inward. This is all about this movement away from collective authority to personal authority.


What you're seeing is the breakdown of collective authority to really be something that can truly be trusted. It can't. And not because they are untrustworthy, not because they are lying or scheming or all these things-human beings do all of this stuff. It can't be trusted because it is a dying theme. It's like holding onto a sinking ship.


Human Design is about the potential of every individual; individual, not a mass. Human Design is not an institutional constructed movement. It's one person at a time. It's one person at a time not abandoning anything, but discovering within themselves their authority. If there is any great lesson out there, it is that what to do in time of threat is not to turn on your TV, your radio, or your computer to look for advice from somewhere out there. It's to trust within yourself to know clearly within yourself that there is an authority within you that is going to guide you no matter what.


Everything about this knowledge is about stripping away the dependency on those who have no right to control you, condition you unless that is precisely what is correct for you and only you can decide. When you look out in this world and you look around and you see what's going on and you see the dilemma that we have with all the various things that have been emerging over the last 20, 30 years, I want you to grasp something. There is no cure for these things. There is no supra-government great leader that's suddenly going to step up to the plate and fix it all, because it's not fixable. It's just falling apart.


It means that each and every one of you have to look within yourself, and have to see therein lies what is correct for you; your authority, your capacity to be able to live correctly in this life regardless of the circumstances that are around you. Oh, how easy it is for the not-self to be a victim. The world is filled with victims. And they blame the institutions. Well, soon there will nothing left, in that sense, to blame.


These are unusual times; we get to live on the cusp of a great change in the way in which the world works. And any time in the history of humanity that you come to these cusp points, there are all kinds of disarray that arises all around it. It's a change. There is a deep and profound mutative force that is at work on this planet. So let's leave the blame game behind, and let's enter into what is the only thing that will allow us to survive in the next cycle-the honoring of individual authority. Follow your strategy, honor your inner authority, operate correctly within yourself and you will live as you should in this life. That is the point.


There is no one you can depend on. There is no one you can rely on. And truly, there is no one you can trust but yourself. And when you're correct and you're operating correctly, that trust in yourself is your armor for this life. It will protect you; it will guide you because it's precisely what you are here for. And we are the ones, our generation, who stand at the edge of this precipice. We are the ones that are here to demonstrate the correctness of the way, so that we can enter into this new age. That us, our children, that those beings that we have contact with, can enter into this new cycle properly equipped."  


Ra Uru Hu  2005


Transcription of Ra from a radio show in 2005.



May's Word of the Month - Clarity

by Linda Lee Sheldon on 05/01/16

Decision making can be difficult at times. How do we know what the correct decision is? How can we be sure? How do we find clarity?

Clarity - the quality or state of being clear.

It's easy for others to tell us what to do. It's not their life after all!  And if we blindly follow what others tell us we should or shouldn't do we frequently don't feel comfortable with or may even come to regret the decision made.  Perhaps we can never have 100 percent clarity but it is possible to achieve a clear enough understanding of the situation to feel comfortable with the decision made.

The thing is we don't all reach the point of clarity the same way. Some of us can know in an instant what the right decision is. Lucky you! The reality is that not many of us get to clarity that quickly.

For most of us there's no truth in the now - right this second - the clarity comes over time. It's best to be with the question of what is correct for us in an emotional way - riding the wave of emotions, experiencing what the decision feels like when we are in a good emotional state and then what it feels like in the down emotional state before feeling a sense of clarity in making the decision. This could take a few minutes, a few hours, a few days, sometimes a full month, year or more depending on the decision to be made. Some decisions just can't be rushed into. So if the decision feels good in the high and in the low wave of our emotion that's when we go forward.

Some people experience clarity with that "gut-level" feeling. When it comes time to make a decision there's a feeling in the stomach that has a sound associated with it like "uh huh" (yes) or "uh uh" (no) that is the voice of their intuition. When that little voice hesitates it means the clarity hasn't been reached, check back later!

Others need to ask "What do I want?" or "What makes me happy?" And yet others have to hear themselves talk about the decision before finding clarity, talking about it to trusted friends who are not there to tell them what to do but rather to ask them questions that will guide them to clarity.

Use your mind to get the facts needed for your decision but use your unique form of process to find the clarity needed to make the decision is best for you.

In peace,

Cedar Waxwing
Photo: Linda Lee Sheldon

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