Linda combines Reiki, a form of energy medicine that transforms physical, mental and emotional energy patterns, with intuitive guidance. Her practice works in combination with traditional medical care to bring about balanced energy uniquely beneficial to the individual.
Reiki Therapy Sessions
Teton Dawn (Photo by Ken Lee)
Reiki Therapy Session:
Each session begins with a brief discussion of issues and concerns followed by a Reiki treatment to balance the body’s energy and clear physical, mental and emotional energy patterns that are no longer needed. The session ends with sharing experiences. Each session is about 90 minutes.
Taking Care of Yourself:
Stress takes many forms, can be the result of both positive and negative conditions, and can manifest physically in our bodies.  Each of us has an innate wisdom that guides us to well-being and wholeness.  Linda is a guide helping those she works with connect with the healer within and regain balance in daily life.  With Linda’s help you can become a master of your life and begin living in harmony with your body and the world you live in.

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Questions about Therapy Sessions?  Feel free to email Linda and she'll get back to you soon!

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​Therapy Session
$120 (90-minute Session)
Therapy Session - Senior (62) / Disabled
$90 (90-minute Session)
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