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For nearly 20 years I have shared a unique relationship with Linda.  In all of our partnered events in teaching or healing with Reiki, channeling or mystical experiences, I have always found her to be extraordinarily open to absorb and generously share any wisdom she has received from the Angels, Ascended Masters and Spiritual Helpers.  Linda constantly inspires me by living her life with an unwavering integrity to her gifts of intuition and her constant faith in the inherent Goodness, Joy, and Beauty of life.  She has an amazing ability to find, as well as share, the ever-present opportunities for spiritual growth available in the experiences that come her way, thus shedding light for me as well as others to learn from her experience.  Knowing Linda is one of the greatest miracles in my life.  I am profoundly grateful that the Light she is is available to anyone seeking spiritual renewal and awakening.  For in crossing her path, her clients will be surprised by the healing power of the non-judgmental and unconditional love she offers to all.
Diane Giarrusso-Barton, M.A.
Artist, Healer, Teacher
Torrance, CA
Brittani -- The Angel of Joy (by Diane Giarrusson-Barton)
I will be forever grateful that my path led me to Linda's door.  The healing that I've gotten from her over the years has been delivered with incredible love, kindness and humor and has truly transformed me on the deepest levels.  In Linda, I've found a mentor, a friend, and a spiritual mother who I know is always there for me.  With Linda, I know that she is administering her love and light to me long after I leave her Reiki room.  

Robin Palmer
New York, NY
 I've learned to tap into an inner peace and a deeper spirituality since I've met Linda and become acquainted with Reiki.  Under this Master Teacher's guidance and healing touch I've matured in my use of positive focus, seeing the universal presence of God, and understanding my body and its chakras.   Reiki Healing Energy brought me a clearer realization of the intimate connection between mind, body, and spirit.  Through my work and exploration of universal and eternal energy 
I gained the mental, emotional and spiritual tools to assist my loved ones as they faced significant life altering challenges in their lives. 

Under Linda's masterful guidance my life has been transformed.  She has also brought healing peace to members of my family who have transitioned into a higher form of energy.  Through Reiki and the healing energy of Linda's teaching, I am better able to understand and find meaning in the daily cycles and events in my life.  Linda is a flesh and blood angel guide and helper.  I highly recommend becoming part of Linda's Open-Ended Circle for anyone searching for physical, mental and spiritual healing and growth. 

Suzanne McClanahan
Retired Executive
Laguna Beach, CA
Linda's deep connection to spirit and dedication to her work inspired me to begin my own healing.  She is a wonderful teacher and true gift from god/goddess/all that is.  Her ability to intimately connect with your process during your session and give you tools to take home with you makes her unique.  She truly is a beautiful being.  It has been an honor to work with her personally and professionally. 

Lori Board
Multidimensional Healer
Raina Teachings
Laguna Hills, CA
Linda is a profoundly loving and gifted healer.  As a Reiki Master Teacher, she is a Master in the true sense of the word. During her Reiki sessions she frequently channels remarkable insightful messages, making it a rare and moving experience.

Julie Bradberry
Psychic Counselor
Tustin, CA
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"Brittani" by Diane Giarrusso-Barton
I had the life changing pleasure of meeting Linda years ago at a metaphysical church she was speaking at.  I was instantly drawn to her.  She radiates light and love unlike anyone I have ever known.  She truly is an angel on earth and I value her more than I can express.  I miss her enormously since moving, but I tune in to the healing circle monthly and it's almost as good as being there!  She is such a gift to all of us.
Tracy Patrick 
X-Ray Technlogist 
Grants Pass, OR
Sending Love & Light!
Linda Lee Sheldon  - Helping Masters Master Life
Amazed at the positive and immediate effects of treatment. Linda is very caring and compassionate in her works. Highly recommended.
Chuck Jones
USMC, Retired
San Juan Capistrano, CA
What a beautiful place to learn how to live life more fully. I will always go back.
Rex Smith
Corporate Executive
Dana Point, CA
I would like to express my gratitude for you as my teacher and the love and support you always give to me. You are a wonderfully amazing teacher and I have learned from the best! 

Debbie Querner
Reiki Master Teacher
Buena Park, CA
I wanted to let you know the beautiful ceremony you put together was the highlight of the evening Saturday, and Bryan and I just want to extend our gratitude and sincere appreciation for all of the hard work and thoughtfulness and effort you put into our wedding.  You were just wonderful, truly, and I got so many compliments on what a fantastic job you did.  Everyone was touched by your words, selection of poems and sentiments.

We’re so thrilled to start our marriage off knowing you were the one who helped bring us over the threshold.

Candice Stephens
Associate, Smith Public Affairs
Los Angeles, CA
Bryan & Candice Stephens
Wedding Ceremony July 31, 2010
Thank you so much Master Linda for another beautiful moment in time!  Your gift of teaching transcends the Universe and is delightful to receive. I'm so glad we were connected to be able to share Reiki.  I couldn't of asked God for a better teacher. I appreciate you soooo much. Namaste! 

Melissa Brasher
Sales Manager
Aliso Viejo, CA
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If you are a business owner / manager and you're looking for a way to help your employees manage stress, learn how to better focus on the goals in their lives and ultimately become more positive and productive, then don't hesitate to give Linda a call. As a retired executive and business owner, she understands the stress and pressures of life and can show you and  your employees how to effectively and positively manage the challenges life brings. A business retreat with Linda will help change the culture of your office for the better.
Kathryn Feather
Senior Associate Editor, MPA Media
Freelance Writer / Editor
Garden Grove, CA
Where do I begin?  Linda is an incredibly kind, loving, positive person.  I came to her healing circle tired, deeply sad, filled with fear, and I felt a connection and a sense of relief that I could work through my anxieties.  I took the meditation course twice and Reiki level 1.  I show up at every gathering I can.  And after 3 months I feel like I have let go of years of sadness and worry.  And what I have received form learning from Linda is more than what I had expected.  I have found a way to let go and work with my anxiety.  Thank you Linda for following a path of light and healing.  For sharing your knowledge and loving energy. 
Filipa Da Silva
Fashion Designer
Santa Ana, CA
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