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May's Word of the Month - Clarity

by Linda Lee Sheldon on 05/01/16

Decision making can be difficult at times. How do we know what the correct decision is? How can we be sure? How do we find clarity?

Clarity - the quality or state of being clear.

It's easy for others to tell us what to do. It's not their life after all!  And if we blindly follow what others tell us we should or shouldn't do we frequently don't feel comfortable with or may even come to regret the decision made.  Perhaps we can never have 100 percent clarity but it is possible to achieve a clear enough understanding of the situation to feel comfortable with the decision made.

The thing is we don't all reach the point of clarity the same way. Some of us can know in an instant what the right decision is. Lucky you! The reality is that not many of us get to clarity that quickly.

For most of us there's no truth in the now - right this second - the clarity comes over time. It's best to be with the question of what is correct for us in an emotional way - riding the wave of emotions, experiencing what the decision feels like when we are in a good emotional state and then what it feels like in the down emotional state before feeling a sense of clarity in making the decision. This could take a few minutes, a few hours, a few days, sometimes a full month, year or more depending on the decision to be made. Some decisions just can't be rushed into. So if the decision feels good in the high and in the low wave of our emotion that's when we go forward.

Some people experience clarity with that "gut-level" feeling. When it comes time to make a decision there's a feeling in the stomach that has a sound associated with it like "uh huh" (yes) or "uh uh" (no) that is the voice of their intuition. When that little voice hesitates it means the clarity hasn't been reached, check back later!

Others need to ask "What do I want?" or "What makes me happy?" And yet others have to hear themselves talk about the decision before finding clarity, talking about it to trusted friends who are not there to tell them what to do but rather to ask them questions that will guide them to clarity.

Use your mind to get the facts needed for your decision but use your unique form of process to find the clarity needed to make the decision is best for you.

In peace,

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