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Hope for the Individual by Mary Ann

by Linda Lee Sheldon on 03/18/22

While from a Human Design perspective, I found this message from Mary Ann to be a valuable reminder of how to maintain our balance and help others at the same time. When we hold ourselves in Peace and focus on the now - what we can do now - we radiate an energy that is felt at great distances.  This message resonates with me whether or not you are familiar with Human Design. But if you would like to know more about this amazing tool to navigate life check go to Open-Ended Circle's Human Design page.

Here is Mary Ann's very eloquent message:

Hello to Each of You

Since 2020 began, the world we live in is drastically changing - right before our very eyes.  2020 began the final 7 years before 2027. Nothing is as it was.  Nothing will ever be as it was. It will continue to breakdown and shift to something totally different for humanity.  As I look at the world, often in shock, I see that no matter how much I knew about 2027 and the changes – my mind could never have thought of what is unfolding now.  When I learned about Global Cycles – I only had what my mind knew as a reference point.  It is similar to when I had my reading with Ra, and he told me about my chart.  My mind “thought” it understood.  Because at that time, it was only through my mind that I could understand what he was saying.
The more I live me – the further and further away I am from what my mind thought my design was about.  I see the same happening for me now with my knowledge about 2027.  Nothing but living as myself can prepare me for Now and for the Future.  Nothing but living who we are can prepare any of us.

I have a heavy heart these days witnessing what is happening in Ukraine.  I know it is affecting so many of us and knowing what we know about 2027 doesn't make it any less painful.    

Ra would often talk about humans as killer monkeys.  I know that anything can happen especially with the tribal and collective structures breaking down.  I don't know what the outcome of this war will be - none of us do.  It appears that countries are trying to avoid another world war.  I needed to Google when the first war happened. One of the first known wars was fought in about 2700 B.C. between the Sumerians and the Elamites, in what is now Iran.  According to a New York Times article, over the past 3,400 years humans have been completely at peace for just 268 years; that is just 8% of our recorded history. 

It looks like humans will kill other humans until the end of time.  I don't see that ever changing. I have no hope for humanity.  I only have hope for individuals.  There is no "collective" peace.  There is no "world" peace.  There is only the peace within oneself and that can only happen one person at a time.

As long as it is correct for me, I want to be available to support the inner process of waking up to oneself.  It's already there inside each of us - it's just covered over.  For me, my strategy is what uncovered my true nature.  I wish this for each of us.  There is no other way to live in this Now and to meet whatever the future brings.

Sending you my love
Mary Ann


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