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Gathering in Silence
Gathering in Silence extends an invitation to everyone, everywhere regardless of religious beliefs or meditation skills, to foster and enjoy the benefits of gathering together and sitting in silent meditation.

All over the world people sit in silent meditation. There is a power in the Silence that touches our spirit. This peaceful experience is amplified when two or more join together with a
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Though we may be in another city or different time zones there is always someone meditating or sitting in silence that we can join with in spirit to amplify the benefits of this beautiful quiet place.
Sit with us in silence
A timeless, eternal technique fostering inner peace
common purpose ~ even at a distance. Meditate with a group in spirit in the privacy of your home, office, hotel room or wherever you are! Use your intention to connect with others sitting simultaneously in silent meditation.You are invited to join our Global Spiritual Community sitting quietly together in peace. 

​We don't have to be in the same room to experience the presence of others. There is a community of spirit created when we use our intention to join in a common purpose. When people join together in silence a heightened sense of awareness and spiritual community are realized.

Gathering in Silence
~ Creating global community in spirit
~ Promoting the benefits of silence
~ Creating group connection
~ Feeling infinite support of others
~ Enhancing the quiet time you enjoy

We invite you to join us in silence any time the spirit moves you. Let others know you are a participant by signing the Guest Book.

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Everyone is welcome!
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