Grey Copper Gulch, CO
Grey Copper Gulch, CO
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Open-Ended Circle
Dedicated to Life's Sacred Circle

Helping Masters Master Life

Open-Ended Circle in Anaheim Hills, Orange County, CA offers holistic health solutions for addressing the needs of individuals, families and groups.  
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Linda Lee Sheldon is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Human Design Professional and Owner of Open-Ended Circle.  She has practiced and taught meditation, mindfulness, Reiki and other forms of energy techniques for over 30 years.  

Linda provides services and support to those seeking stress reduction, those on a spiritual discovery / self improvement path and to corporate ventures and their employees. She looks forward to helping you master your life!

Helping Masters Master Life

A Holistic Approach to Wellness
Complementary Alternative Medicine
The many factors that influence our lives are addressed at Open-Ended Circle

 Complementing Regular Medical Care
Physiological, Psychological, Genetic, Existing Conditions with
Remove Toxins - Use Safe, Natural, "Green" Products
Get Clean Household Cleaning Products
Pure & Natural Beauty Products
Income Opportunities

Natural Dietary Supplements
Weight Management
Pure Water


Stress Management
Reiki, Meditation, Human Design
Living Your Design Guidance
Personal & Relationship Therapy
Minister, Spiritual Counseling
​Photo Therapy

Linda Lee Sheldon, RMT
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