Julie Bradberry
Psychic Medium
Julie Bradberry, a psychic medium, works with a "spirit team" of guides from the other side to bring in information for her clients. While in a light trance she imparts the visual images and words that come through by way of mental mediumship, clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience and telepathy.  Past lives often come up giving the client more understanding of their relationships as well as their talents and abilities.

For over fifteen years Julie has seen clients in individual personal sessions, couples, groups, businesses and institutions on a variety of topics. These include medical intuition, business management and growth, creative development for writers, artists and musicians, inventions, product design, legal and criminal cases, etc. 

Julie sees clients in person in Los Angeles, Orange County and Santa Barbara and by phone and SKYPE word wide.

Julie can be reached at 714-352-6525.
Visit her website.
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